CLINIC JOVEN EMPREND@ 2010 Young Entrepreneurial Development

Asturias, 1st February 2010

Dear Jamie,

First of all, we would like to congratulate for you the success of your TV shows, and to thank you for your commitment to the personal and professional development of young people.

We are a non-profit making Spanish organization ASOCIACIÓN ASTURIAS EMPRENDA. And we are contacting you because we believe there is common ground between you and us. We work in a leading innovative programme for young entrepreneurial development called “CLINIC Joven Emprend@”, which has been successfully training young leaders for the last years.

CLINIC 2010 is an International Educational Programme in which young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 30, develop their social, business and intra–entrepreneurial abilities. This year CLINIC will be held in Asturias, Spain (home of Cabrales and Gamonedo gourmet mountain cheeses) from 20th September 2010 to – 2nd October 2010 –with opening and closing ceremonies in Aviles -Niemeyer Centre- and Gijón. That makes two weeks of intensive and challenging training for the young people chosen by our panel.

We have also developed the so called “Entrepreneur International Network” with connections and partners in countries such as Portugal, Morocco, Colombia, and Chile, amongst others. Every year we invite a relevant international entrepreneur to lecture the 40 participants and share with them their values, challenges, vision and personal advice.

We have noticed that our NGOs share the same values and goals concerning the support of young people’s ideas and projects, and would therefore like to invite you to take part in the CLINIC 2010 in Asturias, Spain, in any available date you may have in your agenda.

Please find more information on us in www.clinicemprenda.org and in the files attached. And should you wish to receive any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to hearing from you, to meeting you in Asturias and to offering you an original insight to our traditional cooking.


Oscar Candás Aparicio

Kike Riesgo

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